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Statement of Purpose common mistakes that students make and tips to write better SOP

Lubna Ahmed talks about common mistakes that students make in their Statment of Purpose based on her experience of reviewing hundreds of SOP for
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Common mistakes of SOP writing
Lubna ahmed (Ph. D.)
Chemical engineering, Texas A&M University

What are the common mistakes:
Not emphasizing enough on writing an inspiring introduction
Tell a story
Be genuine
Avoid sob stories, rather focus on your strength and abilities
Read carefully to see if it flows with the content
Not focusing on your research or relevant skillsets
Unnecessary making the sentences complex
Not showing that you have done enough research on the University you are applying for
Not stating how you can contribute to the university’s research
Not writing a compelling conclusion that reminds them of your strength

Tips to do better:
Be original
Show your passion for the topic
Do your research on the University’s website, mention special features, e.g., core values
Mention your soft skills, e.g., leadership qualities, part in extra-curricular activities
Use simpler sentences
Read several times to see if the sentences make sense or if the paragraphs flow together as a story
Check for grammar and spelling error
Get your SOP reviewed by several people

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