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How Do I Register for the GRE?

There are three overall steps to registering for the GRE. 

First, set up an ETS account at the ETS website. 

This is the account you will use to register for the test, make any changes to that registration, access scores, and send additional score reports to schools. The process is pretty straightforward, but double-check that your name and date of birth match the ID (e.g. passport) you are going to bring with you to the testing center, or else you might get turned away when you try to take the test!

Second, you’ll begin the registration process. 

On the “My GRE” home page, you’ll be able to click “Register for a General Test” under the “Register” header. Then, you’ll be able to pick your desired test center location and date.

Third, you’ll complete the registration and pay for your test. 

Once you’ve confirmed and paid your testing fee, you’ll receive confirmation via e-mail. And you’re all registered!


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