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What are the best books GRE quantitative reasoning?

Quantitative reasoning  is divided into 4 general portions to set the 5 types of questions: Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry & Data Analysis. The 5 types of questions are:

  1. Quantitative Comparision
  2. Single Correct Answer
  3. Multiple correct Answer
  4. Data or Numeric Entry
  5. Data Interpretation

The books on the basis of the pattern designed to drive the vehicle of quantitative reasoning in the GRE test are stipulated as:

  1. ETS official books

The book has all types of standard questions reflected by the real exam.

  1. Manhattan 1-6

The Manhattan Series gives an enlarged preparation to sit for exam.

  1. Nova Math Bible Geometry

This book provides a great preparation on the geometry to sharp the skill to sit for exam.

  1. GMAT official Guide

Problems on probability and counting can be practised by this book to attain skilled strategies.

  1. Manhattan 5lb

It contains a huge collection of practice problems. It contains about 2000+ math practices and diagnostic tests with stepwise explanations.

  1. 1000 math gems

The book is designed with real GRE exam question.

  1. Princeton cracking GRE

It is one of the efficient book to be prepared for GRE test.


  1. KAPLAN Math Workbook

A fully updated book with standardized quantitative section with comprehensive explanations.

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