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What are the best books for GRE verbal reasoning?


The verbal reasoning section contains 3 types of questions :

  1. Reading Comprehension
  2. Text Completion
  3. Sentence Equivalence

Each of the section is to be dealt with an efficient command over vocabulary, critical thinking, and analytical attitude. In order to deal with vocabulary one should follow these books:

Barron’s High Frequency 333

Magoosh 1000 words

Word Smart I & II

It contains more than 1500 words with real examples.

Word Power Made Easy

This book provides the root based word to store in memory with pragmatic application.

GRE Word List: Vocabulary with Memory Triggers by Dr. Prasad Raju

This book helps anyone to read vocabulary with memory triggers applying in real examples where versatile mnemonic strategies are shown. 

The overall preparation needs few more different books to analyze and draw conclusions from discourse and author’s opinions given in verbal reasoning to understand relationships between words and provided facts and concepts. The books to drive the vehicle of verbal reasoning:

ETS official books

The book has all types of standard questions reflected by the real exam.

Verbal grail

This book makes anyone enable to apply tricks for solving the questions in verbal reasoning section

Manhattan Series (1-6)

The Manhattan Series gives an enlarged preparation to sit for exam.

Big Book series

Big Book series is always effective for perpetual practice of reading comprehension, text completion and verbal reasoning.

Manhattan 5lb

It contains a huge collection of practice problems where one can find a detailed step-by-step explanation for every problem having complete list of 1400+ vocabulary words and idioms.

KAPLAN Verbal Workbook

A fully updated book with standardized questions, answers, and comprehensive explanations.

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