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What we do

Inspired by the seemingly easy but yet convoluted process of attaining higher studies, we have developed 'Higher Study Prep'- a guideline to aid the people of interest with their journey. We will guide you with information starting from the decision process, application process and even with questions you have after you have arrived in your new school. For the aspirants, below is a short brief about how do we help.

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How do we help students

We help students from decision making to living abroad!


Deciding on whether to pursue higher study and even when to go for it may impact your career goal and personal life. We are here to ease the process of decision making for you and want to help you make the right choice.


Our website can be a common platform where you can get useful information on how to prepare, which tool to use, what type of score will help you gain admission, information on registration process etc. All these information are scattered elsewhere. Our intent is to provide that information in an organized way so you can take benefit from them.


We are here to help you answer not only the questions you face during the application process but also provide tips on how to make the application stronger with a good, presentable statement of purpose, recommendation etc. We are also going to launch a payment system on your behalf so you don't have to take the hassle of paying online through the painful banking system.


One of the biggest question students have is whether they should contact a professor. Also they hesitate on when and how to approach them. Higher Study Prep will provide with the help you need on getting information on that.


Getting admission is supposed to finally relieve you of all the hassles. But the truth is there is another long phase of chores-facing embassy interview, getting visa and I20, paying for the sevis fees and preparing for the long journey ahead including booking air tickets, arranging for a home in abroad etc. Students stumble a lot while they are preparing for the unknown waiting ahead. We can ease that process by proving useful tips, information and personalized skype sessions.


As a new graduate student in a foreign country, people have so many questions unanswered which they wish they knew beforehand. During this time of confusion and stress, when students are coping with the homesickness and adjusting to the new environment, we want to be there to help. Our counselors can direct you to solving the problems you are going to face with their knowledge and advice.