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A well-written, thoughtful and inspirational document can make all the difference in persuading the admission committee. Get your Statement of Purpose or other documents reviewed by experts

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Why is it so Important to Review Your SOP/Document?

Statement of Purpose (SOP) is the single most important document in the application process for graduate admission that helps distinguish among candidates of similar potential and capabilities. It reflects an applicant's personality in terms of how he or she perceives the world around themselves, their career goal and most importantly if the person is ready to embrace the culture and norms of the University. This is a unique opportunity for the student to tell a story of why they are so inspired to apply for higher studies and why the specific school is fit for their aspiration. A well-written, thoughtful and inspirational SOP can make all the difference in persuading the admission committee into selecting a candidate.

How does it work? Step by step.

how to write the best SOP/Document?

Study and Study

Study about writing good SOP. We have included few useful links to good article on writing SOP on top article of this page. Study, get better idea and start writing your draft SOP

Write Draft and Iterate

Start writing your draft. Dont think too much at the beginning. Make the backbone first. Write ->review->modify. Continue the cycle until you are satisfied. Get help from your seniors, professors or anyone who is expert in the matter.

Send the Document to Us

If you still need help from experts, send your SOP using below forms to us. Please send in Microsoft word format, so that we can put our comment on your file. Our top class experts will review your SOP and will give you important guidelines. Remember they will not rewrite your SOP, but from our experience we know that guideline from experts is extremely helpful.

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Feedback/ Consult/ Finetune

Our reviewer will send the feedback to your mail within 1 week with contact information of the reviewer. Make an appointment with your SOP reviewer, ask any question if you want. And finally finetune your SOP. Make it best of the best to represent yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

It might take one day to one week time depending on the volume of documents we have. 

Our experts from different reputed universities who are doing their graduate degrees. The Reviewers have gone through the process of getting admission, have work experience with professors and have knowledge on what professors and admission committees want to see on sops and admission documents.  

We will email the document to you. 

We maintain 100% security and confidentiality when we process the payment. We don't save your card information and processing is done via world renowned payment gateway. All communication is done through the secured https protocol. 

After you purchase a package, you can see a submit form on this page. Please note only .doc or .docx documents are allowed because it's easier for reviewers to add comments and do editing. 

Yes, we do have sample documents for free downloading. Please log in to our site and go the page You will find sample statement of purpose, sample cvs/resumes, sample email to professors, sample recommendation letters and lot more. 

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