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Could you please provide a sample mail to open up conversation with graduate co coordinator?

Please check our section for sample/example SOP, Mail, Resume. You can read also this article on communication with professor.

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Can I contact more than one professor of same department of same varsity?

Faculties often discuss among themselves. There is no harm in contacting more than one professor from the same department, but be very careful not to send a generic mail to all of them or saying something like "You are my best choice" to every professor. Try to be specific to professors research work. It's not  uncommon that people have more than one research interest and professors do understand that. Clarify your interest and explain how your interest matches with professor's research work, that will lead you to write unique mail to each professor.

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Some say it is not a proper way to attach CV in the first mail to a professor where others suggest to attach CV in the first mail. What should I do?

Attaching your CV is a good approach. If professor is convinced by your mail he want go through your full credential which is available in CV

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How to write first mail to professor?

You can start with a short description of yours. Then why you are contacting and what is your target/want to achieve. Show interest to the professors work. Attach your CV. Include all of your credentials. Please check this article for a good insight

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When should I start mailing professors as I need funding?

Make sure you have enough time left in your hand before the starting semester. If you want to go for fall semester you should finish GRE & TOEFL within July-August and start mailing professor. You can start mailing earlier there will be no issue. Check this video to get more insights.

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