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Is it must to take LOR from thesis supervisor?

 It's not a must but highly desirable. Undergrad thesis supervisor work with the student most closely, his recommendation has the higher impact.

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What should I do to improve my vocabulary?

If you want to boost up your vocabulary then you will be benefited your learning and career prospects.

Here are some tips to improve your vocabulary

1. Make reading a habit

If you start reading regularly, it will  expose you to many words, and by using context clues or the dictionary, you will be able to learn new words and widen your vocabulary.

2. Be Practical:

You can  use a large white board in your kitchen/room to write down new words. So every time when you will look at the board, you will see the new words there.  and you can see them and can recall their meaning.

3. Connect Those Words to Your Personal Life

Try to avoid learning words in isolation. If you link the words to your own experiences,  it’s guaranteed that you will be able to remember these words for a long time. It will be very much helpful to improve the vocabulary if you can spend at least 50-60 minutes to connect the word with your personal life.

3. There are lots of Word Games and Apps

Tapping games and technology can be a fun way to learn vocabulary. In this way the words that you learn will stick in your long-term memory.

4. Be a Lover of Words

To boost up your vocabulary, you must have to enjoy everything about the words, you have to know their history and different uses as well.


The techniques that are discussed are time-consuming and will require significant effort, but it is a worthy investment that will transform your life and career.

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