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Days in Texas: Part 1

Days in Texas: Part 1

After an agonizing traveling of more than 33 hours from Bangladesh, my eyes were closed shut automatically in the shuttle leaving Houston toward College Station. More exhausted than me and my husband was my one and a half year old son-Aryan. He lay sleeping in the car-seat while the night life in Houston slipped past our attention during the two hour journey. We woke up once the bus stopped in front our apartment in Stasney Street. With a lot of awe, I saw that College Station was a quite city-resembling nothing like the big cities shown in the Hollywood movies. That was the beginning of the heart-breaking realization that reality was quite different than our big American dream.
One of my friends from my undergraduate university came to welcome us that night. After having a shower, eating and returning back to our apartment, we had exhausted the last bit of our strength. I still didn't forget to enjoy the nice smell of new painting and coziness of my new apartment. I had fallen in love with the new place where I was about to start the new phase of my life.
The next few days went away like a dream-as if I never woke up. The reality began to strike as the days of the class grew closer. I had not decided on a daycare yet where I could put my son. It was beyond our wildest dream that in a country like US, there will be no public transport and that the daycare will be so expensive. During the first week of the class, me and my husband altered by missing class. Luckily, I found a neighbor-more like a savior, who helped us in attending the classes while she looked after our son. This is how I began my journey of PhD life with a kid in abroad with problems that I had never encountered before. But this is a story not of my miseries-but how I had and have been tackling the odds and embracing new learning and culture into my life of graduate study. Stay tuned for more in the coming parts.

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